Lyrics – Weren’t Meant To Be


Weren’t Meant To Be

We fell in love when we were just nine
But she moved away before it was time, oh, no
I stole a kiss in a haunted gymnasium
We saw the ghosts, but we were not afraid of them
She painted Pac-Man on my cheek
I swear some days I still feel the paint cracking up on me

We really weren’t meant to be
But (Though) I lost so many nights at the wishing tree
We really weren’t meant to be, who owe
Who-oh, who-oh, who-oh, who-oh, who-oh, who-oh, who-oh

We fell in love when we were still teens
We were on and off like you’ve never seen, oh, no
I helped her find who she really was
But the me that we found was not up to snuff
I struggled with a jealous streak, you see
Sometimes you’re too young, but you don’t know it
You just flame out in a mess (I was so distressed)

We fell in love from our letters in print
I saved the envelopes just to smell her scent again
But it’s only so good from afar
In the rhythm of the day, it all fell apart
When it was good it was good, you see
But when it collapsed, we both understood
We wished each other well

Hooray, hooray, hooray, hooray, hooray for me, for you
Hooray, hooray, hooray, hooray, hooray, hooray

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