Full Length Releases:

2019 - The Deck Was Stacked
2019 – The Deck Was Stacked
Dramatic Arts
After a While
We Juggled Flames
Banjo: Breaking the Bio
Banjo: Cradle Earth
Wishes Can’t Be Bought
You Better Play Along
Sworn Amateurs
I Was Wrong
On the Count of Nine

2018 - Card Shuffling
2018 – Card Shuffling
I’m Going off the Grid
Understand My Plan
Blow by Blow
You’ll See the Red Flag
Park Attitude
As Well as Others
The Truth Is Spent
We Took the Tumble
Spur Them On
Bull’s-Eye Blues
Spirit of ’99
Statement Jewelry

2016 - Ten Years of Wonder
2016 – Ten Years of Wonder
Throwin’ Jacks
Caption Committee
Shaking Off the Sand
Silent Bargain
Let the Clouds Roll
Love Is Gonna Get Ya
The Winning Pool
Future Formulas
You Administer Gold
I’m Stepping Down

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