The latest single, “Make Room for the Bloom,” drops today on all major streaming platforms. For those of you who appreciate a visual to go along with the music, seek out the music video version on YouTube.


Happy New Year! We’re dusting off the snow so that we can work up some new demos and a setlist. Stay tuned …


Check out the list below for record stores that are carrying my new album. There may be one near you.

Amoeba Music – Berkeley, CA
Amoeba Music – San Francisco, CA
Amoeba Music Hollywood – Los Angeles, CA
Brooklyn Record Exchange Greenpoint – Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Record Exchange Johnson – Brooklyn, NY
Captured Tracks – Brooklyn, NY
Central Square Records – Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Dave’s Records – Chicago, IL
Easy Street Records & Cafe – Seattle, WA
Electric Fetus – Minneapolis, MN
Encore Records – Ann Arbor, MI
Found Sound – Ferndale, MI
Good Records – Dallas, TX
Grimey’s – Nashville, TN
Guestroom Records – Louisville, KY
Harvest Records – Asheville, NC
In Your Ear – Boston, MA
Jackpot Records – Portland, OR
Jerry’s Records – Pittsburgh, PA
Landlocked Music – Bloomington, IN
Louisiana Music Factory – New Orleans, LA
Luna Music – Indianapolis, IN
Lunchbox Records – Charlotte, NC
MadCity Music – Madison, WI
Matt Anthony’s Record Shop – Louisville, KY
Omega Music – Dayton, OH
Philadelphia Record Exchange – Philadelphia, PA
POPS Resale – Lexington, KY
Puscifer – Jerome, AL
Reckless Records – Chicago, IL
Record Revolution – Cleveland Heights, OH
Repo Records – Philadelphia, PA
Ripe Records – Detroit, MI
Roadrunner Records – Minneapolis, MN
Rough Trade – New York, NY
Schoolkids – Chapel Hill, NC
Schoolkids – Raleigh, NC
Seasick Records – Birmingham, AL
Shake It Records – Cincinnati, OH
Shangri-La Records – Memphis, TN
Sonic Boom Records – Seattle, WA
Spoonful Records – Columbus, OH
Stinkweeds Record Store – Phoenix, AZ
Sweat Records – Miami, FL
Torn Light Records – Cincinnati, OH
Underground Sounds – Louisville, KY
Vintage Vinyl – St. Louis, MO
Waterloo Records – Austin, TX
Wuxtry Records – Athens, GA


My new record, Modern Communication, has now been released and is available in LP, CD, and digital formats, as well as via your favorite streaming service. Thanks to the folks at Feisty Records for making it possible and supporting me. If you’re in a position to do so, please purchase the new album, as that support will help us make another one in the future. Thanks!


The music video for “Watch the Rain,” the first single off Modern Communication, has been posted. Check it out on the Music Videos page. The song is also available on Apple Music, Spotify, and other streaming services.

I’m happy to announce the release of my new solo record titled Modern Communication. It will be out via Feisty Records and will be available on CD and vinyl on 10/28/22. More info soon.

Hot off of last month’s new music, here’s another single. It’s called “When You Look for the Good in It All,” and it’s also coming out courtesy of Feisty Records.

New year, new single. It’s called “She Must Have Lost Her Way,” and it’s coming out courtesy of Feisty Records in Nashville. Tim Sirles plays all the instruments and sings with me on the song. Thanks to him for making this happen. Thanks to you for checking it out.

Over the next three days, I’m releasing 30 demos that have been recorded during this 2020 mess of a year. I split these 30 songs into three volumes (albums) of ten songs each. The first volume is possibly what the full length would have bene this year. Hard to know without recording all the songs, though! Sometimes songs react better or worse to the studio than you might think. Songs are funny things. Anyway, I hope you enjoy getting the hear these demos. Like most people, I recommend listening on headphones and reading along with the lyric sheet. Let yourself become immersed. Music is good medicine. Peace, love, and healing to everyone. Hang tough.

Got a lot of new stuff brewing. To my ear, it’s starting to sound like two different records shaping up at once. Sound familiar? But who knows … once the songs are recorded, I may be singing a completely different tune. Too soon to know for sure. But one thing is for sure, we won’t be short on material, and that’s always a nice luxury to have when selecting songs for a new album.

Yeah, so if there is a new album in 2020, should I be thinking of naming it in terms of obvious 2020 inspired things, like 2020, Perfect Vision, or even Kid Vision?

Plunging into Demo Season with reckless abandon. Starting with a couple I’ve been playing live recently, one titled “Love Won’t Act” and another titled “We Can Watch the Rain.”

The Deck Was Stacked is now released and available in CD format, as well as by download and your favorite streaming service.

For example …
CD Baby

Playing a gig tonight as “Adam Trumbo.” It will be a solo set. This will be your best opportunity to hear a bunch of songs from the new album.

I’m also sitting in with The Delicate Delegate on bass guitar for their set. It’s going to be a blast! See you there! Green Lantern (Lexington, KY)

“Dramatic Arts” is the second single from my latest album (The Deck Was Stacked), which is being released on April 12, 2019.

Check out “Dramatic Arts” now on either SoundCloud or Bandcamp:


“After a While” is the first single off my upcoming album. You can listen to it now:


The countdown has begun … Adam Trumbo’s new album, The Deck Was Stacked, is set to be released in April. Stay tuned for the latest news ahead of the release. In the meantime, follow Adam Trumbo on social media.