Lyrics – War of Hearts


War of Hearts

In the summer of the war, yeah, the summer of ’94
That was the season we both lived, it shook us to our cores
It was not a war of countries, it was a war of hearts
Where we both appeared as soldiers on the front lines playing parts
There were flames in all directions and flames at every turn
There were flames that came between us, flames that licked and burned
I offered you my tattered coat, and you washed all my wounds
We just wanted peace and warmth to come upon us soon

By feelings that were hidden and motives that were pure
Like soldiers we embarked on a grim, exhausting tour
And in your hands you held my fate like the children held their guns
They sure didn’t wanna use ’em, but their fascination won
With battles every morning and the arguments at night
And neither of us knew that general who sent us in to fight
But I think I saw him smile at you just before the dawn
He considered you the stakes, he considered me just a pawn

We were wartime casualties on the mountain of majesty
Sacrificed by our own devices in a twisted fantasy
It wasn’t for lack of love, no, it wasn’t for lack of want
Love died in valiant bravery on the ultimate battlefront
We were wartime casualties on the mountain of majesty

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