Lyrics – Sunflower



‘70s ties, great clean lines, you are superb today
Cup of Jo and a cinnamon roll, and now you’re on your way
I imagine you have questions, I guess everybody does
But once up in the morning, you work up a healthy buzz

Gather up the evidence, it more than adds (up)

But I should double-check my mind for reasons to be sure
I promise my intentions are elated to be pure
No one’s sure that the address is placed where we’ll remain
But I still think it’s beautiful that growing is the game

You say come closer, I always say, “I do”
You say “forever” and out of the blue

That’s when I know that I love you, crackin’ a laugh the way that you do
I could get so warm from your sunshine, sunflower woman in bloom

Whipped up zip to steer the ship, it’s in her hands today
Vamped up for the cinema role, the message is conveyed
Dictionary definitions are up for debate
She is glowing fully, ever scoring, anyway

Counting my blessings, I notice that –

My life has seen improvement in amusement all the while
Taken for affections that will make us broadly smile
Examined in a fashion that is relatively sane
Surprisingly so wild and yet comparatively tame

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