Lyrics – Our Chosen Ones


Our Chosen Ones

You say you need a partner, well, I volunteer for the job
You can make our arrangements while I take it square on the jaw
It’s easy, don’t you know? The trick is quick like a tornado

You say you like the late nights, well I don’t mind the stars
They shine on you already like some mystic, epic art
It’s so easy, I hear you say, but don’t give yourself away

We’ll take it as it comes, we can be our chosen ones

I guess it all depends on how our daily lives will blend
True love is a marathon, we’ll find ways to carry on

You say you need room to wander, well, I can clear your path
Take in all the rolling hills and autumn’s aftermath
It’s easy, just as you say, we won’t give our site away

It’s easy, just as you say, we won’t give ourselves away
Out here where the sky is clear, collecting young love souvenirs

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