Lyrics – Modern Communication


Modern Communication

Modern communication is a difficult dance
Writing is tough, your address is lost

Modern communication barely gives us a chance
You know it’s true
Writing is tough, your address is lost, and texting is easy to ignore
Timing’s all wrong, no one’s at home
Phone calls are missed, no landlines exist, and phone calls aren’t picked up anymore
No one is there
I know how to reach you, but I don’t want to deplete you
And my messages are sure to leave you bored
You know it’s true

Modern communication is a curious advance
Never really there at all, silent mode is protocol
The same could be said about you
The timing’s all wrong, writing is tough, address is gone
I know how to reach you, but social media fatigues you
No one checks their profile anymore
Email is gone
I’d see you in the flesh, but alas I must send regrets
Because no one is connected anymore

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