Lyrics – Instant Attraction


Instant Attraction

I see your face, and I see your arms waving
I see your eyes, sound the alarm
Up in the sky, a brief storm passing over
I see your legs, you see my smile, behaving
Don’t make me beg, just sit for a while
Hands on the deck, please don’t taunt the joker
I’m feeling well, now that I see you

I’m feeling an instant attraction for you now

I caught your glance, and I see your hands in motion
I see that look, you speak with no sound
It fills up the room, I can hear your heartbeat
The way that you move, freedom-exhaled emotion
Now that you’re here, cling for a while
Deep in a groove, I love when you call me
I’m feeling well, now that I see you

One instant in time provides the occasion
One instant in time
Could come any time, electrical charge out of you

We don’t need advice, we don’t need a lot of fanfare
We won’t slip up, we won’t get caught
When we slip off into the breezy weather
I know your mind, it’s time to go somewhere
Time is so fast, I want it to slow
Down for a while, we just want to be together
I’m feeling well, now that I’m with you

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