Lyrics – Backstage



So enter at your own risk, choose your path
It’s parting along the way, the party is yours to slay
So aim high and check them off your list
Make yourself at home before you find yourself alone

So now you know you’re backstage
So now you know you’re backstage, so now you know

Passing on the light, abstain, meeting up with fame, playing their hand grab game
For late nights, forget about your sleep
It’s onward to the ground, we’re closing this place down

So now you know you’re backstage
Hey, how was the show? You’re backstage, when can we go?

Take them all inside, their energy won’t be denied
It’s last call, it’s last call, and didn’t you feel involved?
Didn’t you feel it all? It’s true

So enter at your own risk, do the math
Everyone has to pay, whether or not you can play
So be kind, everyone’s flat
Pull the curtain back if you’re sure you know how to act

Where were you last? Backstage
You got your pass? You’re backstage, so did you pass?

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