Lyrics – Steer Clear


Steer Clear

Traipsing up the road past the old five and dime
Your lady’s on the corner observing maritime
And then she’s gone for days, you carry her photo in your flannel breast pocket
She’s gone for weeks, she’s one part a soldier and another not a part of it
In Casco Bay, everyone goes away

Walking down your sidewalk path just after breakfast time
Opening the mail that she sent from Anaheim
You know she’s gone for now, every time you look back, you see her more clearly
How she longs for you, feel it very clearly how she pines for you sincerely
And it gets you through the night, the thought that she just might

She’s sailing off on that silver boat again
Lay back and be patient, your timing may transcend
But steer clear for now, let her explore new ground
You noticed that she wore her amethystine silk
In fact, you tracked her down, you both wound up beneath the quilt
Now you’re a traveling man, it’s time to take her hand

Where you aim the bow the stern will surely go
But moving all around is so suspicious, don’t you know?
Now you’re back on land, settling your sea legs, there’s adrenaline when she says
That your love is grand, don’t let the love you cherish reel around you like a Ferris wheel
This all is true, she’ll look after you

You two may steer clear of the trouble, steer clear at all costs
You two won’t live life in a bubble, you’re bound to take your shot
It hardly makes a sound, capsizing upside down
Better swim or you’ll drown, steer clear or run aground

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