Lyrics – Out Come the Boxing Gloves


Out Come the Boxing Gloves

As I walk through the parking lot, I see cars lined up like army cots
In my mind, you’re on the Chelsea docks, where do you picture me?

We’ve got a nice path to happiness
And we know how to tweak the peaks just right

When you fall in love, try not to get sentimental
‘Cause out come the boxing gloves, even if it’s accidental, it’s rough

Your perceptions are so powerful
You smell trouble just above the pheromones

How ‘bout those flowers that he gave to you?
How do they smell mixed with your skin? I’m only asking for a friend, of course

Watch you juggle combustibles
Catching sparks in the meetings after dark
You had been searching, but now you can’t get up the nerve
Why do we fight over nothing? Oh, it’s so absurd

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