Lyrics – Knee-Jerk Reactions


Knee-Jerk Reactions

In the morning, I’m running again
I guess that’s what I need to get some mental expanse
I guess it’s to ensure that I’m on balance again
But to be fair, you showed similar skill
Shouting your beliefs from the top of your hill
You couldn’t be cornered on the top of your hill

You’re full of knee-jerk reactions, but do you know why you believe them?

In the evening, I’m walking it back
I didn’t mean to make you feel so under attack
But you make yourself a victim in the way you react
To be honest, it’s not what I’d expect
Too much blaming others in the way you deflect
The least that you could do is take some time to reflect

In the end, we can find some accord
No one should get too caught up in keeping a score
I don’t want to end up on your bulletin board, so
Take a breath and cool out your head, knowing it’s okay to leave a few things unsaid
At least it’s an improvement over losing the thread

Due to your knee-jerk reactions—do you know why you believe them?
Just lose your knee-jerk reactions, you’re better off if you can leave them
Fight through your knee-jerk reactions, you need to know what you’re believing
No more knee-jerk reactions, you’re better off if you release them

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